Choosing the Right Online Exams Software


Gone are the days when traditional methods of analyzing a person’s learning were the only option available with its lengthy cumbersome process. As technology has advanced another popular option that has become a convenient process where a person can get his /her evaluation done with the help of automated software. One clear advantage of the online exam management system is it takes less time and quicker results that is total contrast over manual system. One main factor why most people prefer online tests as they are 100 /% transparent and it is impossible for anyone to use any type of unfair means.

Advantages of online exams

Online exams are popularly chosen in the education field, employee’s recruitment and training due to many obvious benefits it offers.

  1. As compared to classroom exam online one is totally secure as well as confidential and there is no scope of getting leaked. Contents of exams are stored in the database and access us strictly with an authorized person.
  2. In content stored one can add new questions in the database and on exam day one draw questions at ransom order to avoid the repetition.
  3. Convenience – Online exams are very convenient all a person needs is a computer or a laptop and a good internet connection. Today anyone does not have to travel long distances as most tests like competitive exams can be given at a nearby easily accessible location.
  4. Quick results – This is one of the main benefits why the online exam is preferred as results are shown as the test ends.
  5. Better time management – It is fact online exam saves time and helps everyone to manage their precious time in a more fruitful way. There are no long procedures involved in creating question papers, their printing & registration of candidates and evaluation of exams.
  6. Saves costs incurred – Online exams not only save time but the cost incurred on paper, printing and sending bundles of question papers to centers.

Now the question arises there are a wide variety of online exam app’s & softwares available for different types of need then how to choose the perfect one for you. We can go through some nice tips to choose the best that will serve our purpose.

  1. Easily accessible and user-friendly – One basic thing in technology is it must be easy to use, understand by a non-technical person and easily accessible but if everything is too technical then it’s of no use. Software must be very easy to use so that one finds it interesting otherwise if it is too tough to use it appears boring.
  2. Instruction must be clear – Many examiners and test-takers are new to the concept of online exams that why software must provide instructions in a more clear way. When in online exam concepts are easy to understand it become easy to take exams and chances of better results. It is crucial that there should be the availability of question banks in software as it makes question settings easier.
  3. Must be scalable – Software used in any online exam must be scalable that makes a platform popular that clearly means the number  of candidates must be able to become part of exam assessment. Server of online exam portal must be strong enough to keep data safe in case of sudden power failure or any technical failure.
  4. The facility of proctoring – Every good online exam software must have the facility of proctoring that means there should not be any chance of cheating. Many methods like webcam, audio video recording and screen share needs can be used to keep the credibility of software intact.
  5. Good online institute management software must have an efficient customer support system round the clock to remove any problem faced in its working.

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